Thua Thien Province is located in the Central region of Vietnam with Hue as its capital city and eight surrounding districts. It has a total population of approximately one million with a land area of 5009 km2. The majority of the population of Thua Thien Province are farmers. There are three groups of farmers who have a low income and are economically poor.

History & Purpose

The Congregation was established in 1920 by two French bishops and is the only congregation indigenous to Vietnam. This Congregation has benevolent activities in education of teenage women, helping poor patients, the elderly, orphans, handicapped, the blind and the deaf and marginalized ethnic groups. The Motherhouse is located in Hue.

To meet the healthcare needs of poor patients, our congregation decided to open a charity clinic in November 1992 with two small consultation rooms. Two sisters of this Congregation are medical doctors who graduated from the Hue Medical School and have twenty-six years of experience as physicians. The program outgrew the available space within a short period of time. Therefore, in 1993 a house belonging to the Carmelite community was converted into the existing health care center. The facility now consists of:

  • Eight Examination Rooms
  • Laboratory
  • Ultrasound & X-ray
  • Counselling Room for HIV/AIDS Patients

In 2004, thanks to the donors, we have one more new building for the service of the patients, especially the HIV/AIDS patients.

Goals and Objectives

Goal: To help the poor to improve their health conditions.


To provide basic medical care to poor patients who cannot afford proper medical treatment.

To foster preventive health education to poor patients.

To support the HIV/AIDS patients.

To integrate preventive and curative services with other social and economic activities to enable the poor and marginalized to keep good health by themselves.